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Our Mission

Doyen Consulting Group was founded with the goal of bringing scalability to executive level jobs in the Financial Services industry where it has not traditionally existed. We offer clients the ability to leverage accomplished subject matter experts - industry leaders in their chosen field - to supplement existing executive teams and drive efficient and meaningful change in consulting engagements without the commitment of a permanent six or seven figure annual salary.

In an industry that is constantly adjusting business strategy and staffing levels to acclimate to ever changing market conditions,  increasing scalability not only improves cost efficiency, but promotes stability for your core team over time. Large scale strategic projects and business transformations often require a very seasoned expert in the start up phase, but once established can often be managed long term by a more cost efficient permanent employee. Doyen can provide full scale services to support you business initiatives, from evaluation and strategic planning, to implementation, and sourcing permanent head count.

Meet our Executive Consultants

Doyen Consulting Group partners with accomplished industry executives to bring decades of subject matter expertise to our clients. 

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